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Hi my love, 

I'm Sami ✨


I am a certified relationship and self-love coach that specializes in healing anxious attachment and codependency through reprogramming fear-based beliefs, emotional mastery, and connecting DEEPLY with yourself.


  • Based in Thailand

  • Self-love mastery

  • Meditation & yoga enthusiast

  • Inspiring you to speak your truth

  • Blending science with spirituality


When I’m not hiking the Himalayas or dancing on the beach, I help individuals heal anxious attachment patterns, and develop self-acceptance, confidence, and self-trust, so they can achieve emotional freedom and inner peace.

Image by Marissa Rodriguez


To end human suffering by improving how we understand, relate, communicate with, and love ourselves and others. 

Healthy relationships lead to healthy people. Healthy people lead to a healthy world. 

To advocate the best way to having loving relationships with others starts with the relationship you have with yourself.



A world where we become deeply connected to ourselves and the world around us. 

A world where partnerships are formed through love, not fear.

A world where healing attachment wounds and emotional regulation is a daily part of life.




I blend psychological methods with spiritual practices to bring a holistic approach to HEALING and breaking attachment patterns, EMBODYING deep levels of self-trust, inner peace, and connection to support clients in DEVELOPING high-level self-awareness and confidence in becoming their most authentic self, managing love anxiety, building badass boundaries and communicating their needs with confidence.

Before, I was so wrapped up with being chosen and “keeping” a partner because having a relationship meant a constant stream of love, validation, safety, and support. That I would never be alone again… 


While relationships can and DO reflect this, they should never be the main, primary, and ONLY source. 


Relationships are a reflection of how you see and feel about yourself. 


Instead of depending on my partner to provide my sense of worth, safety, and validation… I give this to myself first so no matter what happens, I am my own anchor. 


Instead of becoming a chameleon and adapting myself to becoming

that perfect person out of fear that I am not good enough… 


I allow myself to be seen. I focus on compatibility over chemistry. I hold strong in my boundaries and approach conflict as an opportunity for growth and a deeper connection with my partner.


the way I approach LOVE and relationships has completely shifted.... 

But I didn’t do this through watching YouTube videos full of manipulation tactics on how to win back my ex, get and keep a man, and playing hard to get. 


My journey consisted of TAKING RESPONSIBILTY, being able to sit with my overwhelming emotions, and allowing them to expose themselves for what they are - opportunities for healing. 


I got crystal clear on WHO I AM and what I wanted from life.

From a partner. From myself. 


This required deep soul searching, plucking out old limiting beliefs that were running the show, cultivating courage to let go of old stories and mindsets that kept me in the dark, and stepping boldly into my light.


But it wasn’t always like this.

Oh no. Let’s talk a walk down memory lane together…




In 2012, my grandmother died. 2 months later, my grandfather died. 


The pain of a loved one’s death is excruciating. It can shake you to the deepest depths of your core. 

Before my nanna passed away, she reeled off all the regrets she had in her life. 


She wished she travelled.

She wished she had a better marriage.

She wished she had the chance to do more than be a cleaner. 


But she didn’t. Why?

It was too scary. She was afraid of what others could think of her. She was too comfortable. 


I woke up.

I promised myself that I will NOT be reeling off my regrets on my deathbed.

But instead, I will be reeling off the lessons, experiences, and blessings I had.  


I KNEW the start of that life was on the other side of ending my 7-year toxic relationship. 


No more excuses. 


I broke up with him on Christmas Day. Every part of me fought this decision. 


I battled with extreme breakup anxiety, social anxiety, low levels of self-worth, and heart-crippling sadness. I felt like a

baby cub being ripped away from its mother. Scared, alone, with no fricking clue how to survive in the wilderness of ‘life’.


After one year, I ended my pity party. I booked a trip to the USA.

It became a journey that pushed me out of my comfort zone and opened my eyes to the world. 


The life I had envisioned beside my Grandmother’s deathbed was beginning…  

 I traveled more and decided to quit my career in Childrens Services for an opportunity to teach in Thailand. I went alone.


During this time, I experienced infatuation, more heartbreak, and rejection, but also experienced safe long-term relationships, intense short-term connections, and valuable lessons along the way. 

But the most beautiful experience was finding myself and becoming best friends with her. 


Through emotional regulation and healing, I turned on the light within me that was kept in the dark for so long. 


I started to communicate consciously from my heart, not my ego. Speaking up for what I believed in, what I needed, and with intention. Resolving conflict from a place of love and understanding over the need to be right and validated. 

"The love that my inner child craved and needed was within me all along... Unless I knew how to give it to myself, I was not able to meet my partner with love and compassion"


Now, I want to help you get there.

I want you to see that positive change and transformation within yourself and your relationships is a very real possibility for you. 


To support you in filling up your own bucket and becoming the partner you seek, so you can attract healthy, loving, AVAILABLE partners into your life.


By doing this, you open up that space for them to come through.

To thrive in your presence. 


To support you in moving from a space of co-dependency into radical self-love and emotional freedom.


To support you in creating a life for yourself that is beyond your imagination. 


It will stretch you out of your comfort zone.

You will grow. You will change. But I promise you, it’s worth it. 


It's all within you

Let me help you uncover what has been hiding in the dark so you can shine your light and attract the life and love of your dreams ✨

Image by Joyful
Image by Marissa Rodriguez

"I cannot emphasize how amazing Sami is. she truly listens and provides invaluable feedback. thank you so much Sami for your guidance and support. I am truly thankful for you!

- Meg

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